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2017-11-28 03:33:19
Unlock your T-Mobile Samsung S8 via USB Solution

Instant unlock solutions by USB for your Samsung S8 T-Mobile.
Easy solution via USB (Minimum 5 phones account)
Contact us on our support email for more info.....


2017-10-17 23:29:37
Server Update !!!!

Hello Users,

We request all users to update their passwords regularly. It has been brought to our notice by developers that many passwords are weak and vulnerable to hack attacks.

Please update you passwords, if in case your account is suspended please contact Support.

UBL - Support

2017-10-17 23:22:05
T-Mobile USA APP unlock now up and running.

Hello all Users,

T-Mobile App service is now up and running. Please place all your orders before it goes down again.

UBL - Support.

2017-10-10 22:00:53
GSX Service Update (Operator Info)

GSX services (Operator Info) running normal without any delays.
All orders are processed instantly.


2017-10-02 08:20:51
Happy Chinese National Day

Unlockbylogs.com wishes Happy Chinese National Day to all its Chinese Customers.
Please note that there will be some services affected during this holiday or face delays such as Operator Info and Checks.

Kindly bear with us and let us know how we can help you better.

Thank you.


UnlockByLogs Team.
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